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Covid-19 is a virus. Fair Fashion is a movement.
So let’s keep on moving – together.

This crisis is huge. It is all around us. It is a threat to all members of the fair fashion movement.
When you are alone, it might be overwhelming. Therefore, let us come closer together and show solidarity. Together wecan be strong!

We love fashion. Our vision is a more environmental and fair industry. For years, we have been working hard towards this goal. Let us unite for this cause, in hard as well as good times! #weareinthistogether

The solution is simple: We reclaim the missing sales months by redefining the usual fashion cycles. However, this only works if we do it together!

Paying a fair price for high quality clothing is the single most important contribution you can do to support fair fashion. Only through this, we can overcome this existential crisis!

I agree with these ideas and I support this manifesto, so that fair fashion can continue its valuable work. I will follow the recommendations in my actions.

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